Create your own medication list with My Med Schedule™

Create Your Own Printable Medicine List with MyMedSchedule™

MyMedSchedule is a great medication reminder. Create your own medication chart to clearly show what times you should take each medication or supplement, and how much to take.

  • Easy to use medication wizard helps you make your own printable medication chart
  • Pictures of the pills make them easy to identify—and the pictures will print on your medication list
  • Create multiple medication lists for yourself or family members
  • Sign up for automatic medication reminders—get an e-mail or text message whenever it's time to take your medicine or get your prescription refilled
  • Organize your medications—

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“My doctors love it when I bring MyMedSchedule to each visit, so they can see everything I am taking at once.”

J.V. McPhillips
Norfolk, VA

MyMedSchedule is a valuable tool that can help keep patients informed and involved. In my experience as a family doctor, an educated and aware patient is the very best kind of patient.”

C. Haines, MD
St. Louis, MO

MyMedSchedule is the perfect way to keep records for transplant patients. This program is so simple to use, and I find that my numerous Doctors love it when I show it to them. And the Pack-m-Ups™ bags are really helpful to put my meds in. Make sure you try this—it is a great idea.”

Ronald Monzo
Double Lung Transplant, April 2007